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Monkeybicycle’s got the total roundup of press reviews on its site. In addition to the reviews of Issue 6 I’ve mentioned already in this blog, we’ve got one from The Nervous Breakdown, a short write-up in the Philadelphia City Paper, and an as yet unfinished front-to-back series on Tim Jones-Yelvington’s blog. I recently finished reading […]

Fantastic news. Seattle’s best alternative paper reviewed Monkeybicycle 6 pretty favorably here. It seems like they don’t like the name of the journal, but they like its accessibility: “The stories and poems here are well-crafted, ­but they feel spontaneous in their energy and inventiveness. They’re the kind of stories that people who don’t ordinarily like […]

Monkeybicycle 6 got a positive review on the Pank magazine site’s blog. I like how the issue was summed up: “A lot of times when you review a magazine issue, you end by saying there’s something for everyone. I’m not going to say that. There isn’t something for everyone. Monkeybicycle is a publication that knows […]

The band’s got a show coming up as part of the Northside Festival. That’s 200 bands from June 11-14 and a ton of gallery exhibitions in Williamsburg, all sponsored by our friends at The L Magazine. We’ll be playing at 9:30 on Saturday the 13th at the Black and White Project Space at 483 Driggs, […]

This time it’s from our friend Brian Diedrick, aka The Fake Angeleno. He writes: “…a video I saw of the band recently made me think of Cave’s appearance in Wings of Desire.” One of my favorite movies ever, and one of my favorite performances in a movie. Do the MTV Movie Awards have such a […]

My podcast for Monkeybicycle 6, along with the issue as a whole and the journal’s tendency to publish genre-less-ly through its history, are given props today in the online journal The Rumpus.

Shya Scanlon’s novel, Forecast, is now available here. He’s also got excerpts on the Monkeybicycle and Opium sites. If you like it and would like to publish all or a part of it, contact Shya via his site: I’ve read pieces of it and it’s very well-written literary sci-fi. Check it out.