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I keep discovering new journals and writers through Monkeybicycle. Today I just saw on MB’s Twitter that Issue 6 was reviewed in Prick of the Spindle. The journal’s editor-in-chief Cynthia Reeser reviews it, and she says the issue has “a wry sensibility and an evocative, observant quality.” I get the sense from her review that […]

Just saw the announcement on Shya Scanlon’s site. His novel Forecast, which has been getting serialized across 42 sites, including this one, has been picked up by Flatmancrooked for publication in 2010. This is fantastic news. It means the Forecast 42 project, though only half finished, has been a resounding success. It’s very difficult to […]

The band’s been getting some offers to play lately, and it looks like we’ve gotten one confirmation. We’re playing at Zebulon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on Saturday, October 3. I’m guessing we’ll go on around 10. The address is 258 Wythe Ave., between North 3rd and Metropolitan. The L train to Bedford will get you close. […]

Another solid showing for the Brooklyn Book Festival this year. Unlike last year, the weather was not in the 90s, but it still felt hot to me. I think I may’ve gotten my last sunburn of the season. I heard people (aka established writers and editors seated on stages) talking about traffic, plus housing in […]

Coco66 Redux


If you weren’t able to make it out to see us last night, here’s where you can download an MP3 recording of last night’s Coco66 show. We sound a bit murky, a bit muddy, but it’s just rock and roll in its roughest form. It was a Wednesday night in the wilds of Greenpoint, and […]