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It’s been slowly creeping into my consciousness since the summer, and lately I can’t get enough of the The Rumpus. In recent days, I’ve been drawn to their story on the Anvil documentary, and Stephen Elliott’s book tour accounts. Rozalia Jovanovic’s stories about events around New York have been great, too. I remember the early […]

The band’s playing Trash in Williamsburg one week from today. We’ll be be going on at 9pm after Katy C’s band, the amazing DeathMask. It’s been my dream to play Trash ever since experiencing it sometime back in the summer of ’07. Those were the days. That’s 256 Grand St. between Driggs and Roebling, right […]

They keep coming. We’ve got another excellent review of Monkeybicycle 6 on Jenny Spadafora’s blog 12 frogs. Here’s a large glimpse: “It seems sensationalist to mention sex, twins, and midgets… but I just did. Yes, they are all mentioned, and two out of three are star characters and a recurring story topic. It may seem […]

We’re fusing the worlds of music and literature on Friday night, October 9, for the launch of Opium Live, a new interview series by Opium Magazine at Bowery Electric (327 Bowery, near Joey Ramone Place). Dead Sextons will be providing some of the soundtrack to the night. We’re playing a set at 9:15. Oh yeah, and […]