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I noticed recently that Robert Olen Butler has a page up on Fictionaut. If it’s the real Robert Olen Butler, then that would be pretty cool. I hadn’t really thought of him since a comparative lit class during my first semester of college. The professor I had was obsessed with “A Good Scent from a […]

Looks like Monkeybicyle’s got a new blog, and they could be looking for contributors to it. I’m lookin’ forward to seeing what they do with this. Based on the scope of writing they’ve published and the length of time they’ve been around, it could be a blog like no other.

On the IMDB


I got my first IMDB credit recently, for this short I co-wrote with friend Kevin Hall. It’s called Marshall Winchester’s Big Stand, and it’s about a girl with an exploding head. It was a long haul to get this thing in the can, as they say. And it was only 13 minutes long. A couple […]

Nobody calls it Chi-town. But here are the details, straight from the Monkeybicycle site, if you live in Chi-town or are visiting Chi-town this weekend: If you’re going to be in the Chicago area on Saturday, November 21st, we encourage you to come out and have a fantastic time with Monkeybicycle as we join forces […]

Monkeybicycle 7


Just got word that Monkeybicycle 7 is available for preorder here. Looks like it’s got a great lineup of writers (Elizabeth Alexander, Angi Becker Stevens, Ryan Boudinot, Rita Dahl, Craig Davis, Andrew Ervin, Molly Gaudry, Roxane Gay, Aaron Gilbreath, Reed Hearne, James Kaelan, Corey Mesler, Weam Namou, Daniel Romo, Ken Saji, Shya Scanlon, Tyler Stoddard […]

I’ve always wanted to be in Mexico for the Day of the Dead, and I just remembered it again today, seeing it on the calendar. Specifically, I’ve always wanted to be in San Miguel de Allende. It’s the town four hours north of Mexico City where Neil Cassady died. I went there once, in January […]