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Book Trailers


Laura Miller over at Salon writes about why she feels book trailers on YouTube are silly here. The first time I ever saw a book trailer was last spring for Monkeybicycle 6, and it was sort of silly, but intentionally silly, and that made it good. Since then, I’ve seen tons of authors reading their […]

Shya Scanlon’s new book of poetry, In This Alone Impulse, is now available for preorder here. Shya is a damn fine poet. I got to see him read in December, and if you get the chance, definitely check him out.

We’ll be playing Zebulon in Williamsburg on St. Patrick’s Day at 10pm. The last time we were there, I had a good talk with the owner about Otto Link mouthpieces. Turned out he was a sax player, too. C’mon out, if you’re able. 258 Wythe between N. 3rd and Metropolitan, L to Bedford.

This WSJ article on the death of the slush pile has been getting batted around various blogs this week. One thing I feel like the writer should’ve addressed with more than one sentence is the current economic climate. That’s the real answer to the question: Why is the slush pile being phased out? There’s not […]

Rick Rofihe sent me a link to the trailer of Wise Blood a few weeks back, and it made me want to read some Flannery O’Connor. I wound up stumbling on the story “A Good Man Is Hard to Find.” Man, it creeped me the hell out. Mainly because of the grandmother character and the […]

Here, Jacket Copy has their list of top 10 books about marijuana aka “10 Choice Weed Books.” I love that title. Here, found on a list of how not to be a horrible writer in 2010, “If you have to write about drugs, don’t write about pot. Candy is more interesting than pot is. Knives […]

There’s a very interesting essay from last week on the Perils of Fiction, talking about how people we know interpret our fiction. I think this is something that comes up for every writer as soon as he/she has someone else read what they’ve written. In the comments, there’s a good discussion about how much of […]