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The Guardian had this article on Tuesday about authors opting out of having their books available to be read on Google Books for free. There are a number of prominent names on the list. To me, it basically sounds like the early days of Napster and downloading music for free, and Lars from Metallica being […]

The Rumpus has been posting a Literary Fashionables column each day this week, in honor of Fashion Week here in New York. I’ve been reading them with great joy. Here’s the first installment, from where you can read them all.

I’ve been meaning to mention that I finally got to take in the 1979 film Wise Blood, based on the Flannery O’Connor novel of the same name. The movie started as a black comedy, then got disturbing towards the end. Brad Dourif seemed to have this permanent scowl throughout, and Harry Dean Stanton was his […]

Over the course of the past month, I’ve watched Fellini’s La Strada, Juliet of the Spirits, and dipped back into 8 1/2 and La Dolce Vita, which I seem to dip into regularly for quick refreshers on certain scenes. I seem to gravitate toward Fellini in the winter months. This time of the year is […]

I just got word we’ll be opening for Michale Graves, formerly of The Misfits, at Europa in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We’ll go on around 9 and the cover is $10. That’s 98 Meserole Ave. at the corner of Manhattan Ave., G train to Nassau. It should be f-in crazy.

Anne K. Yoder over at KGB Bar’s journal interviewed Dennis Loy Johnson and Valerie Merians of Melville House. I don’t know when this article came out, if it’s recent or not. Speaking again about the divide between art and commerce, here’s the most interesting part of the interview for me: KGB: Do you deal with […]