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Rank ‘Em


Lincoln Michel over at The Faster Times ranks literary journals in tiers tip-top, then 1–5 here. He’s getting comments about the list on HTMLGiant, too. All of the journals on the list are excellent places to be published. Some of the ones he has in the third and fourth tiers, I’d probably put in the […]

The trailer for Marshall Winchester’s Big Stand, the short film I co-wrote with my friend, writer/director Kevin Hall, is finally up on the IMDB. Check it out here. I also just learned that, even though the film won’t be screened there, the Las Vegas International Film Festival has given it a Golden Ace Award as one […]

I’d really like to be attending this, but I’m not sure it’ll happen. If you happen to be in NYC on the evening of May 6, check it out and tell me how it is. It’s a tribute to Ecco Press founder Daniel Halpern at NYU. Among the people reading: John Ashberry, Joyce Carol Oates, […]

We’ve been asked by Guitar Bomb to join them and a few others for rockabilly night at Ace of Clubs, the club below the restaurant known as ACME. That’s 9 Great Jones Street, between Broadway and Lafayette in the city. Doors are at 8, and the cover is $10.

Just yesterday I became aware of a new magazine for South Brooklyn, Overflow. It looks like they launched last spring and are coming up on a year in existence. They’re the “quarterly magazine geared toward the overeducated and underutilized.” They’re the first people in New York I’ve ever heard state outright opposition to perpetual adolescence. […]

Pavement Time


When the weather starts getting warm, I often find myself turning to Pavement. I think it’s ‘cuz the music is free, easy, optimistic, clever, balls out, sort of stoned—all these things. For me, pretty much it’s the feeling of the start of something good. This year, I think the feeling’s gotten stronger after seeing Slow […]

The Rumpus posted this contest earlier this week. NYC writers are being asked to use a line from Sam Lipsyte‘s novel, The Ask, to write a 300-word jump-off story. The winner gets to read onstage alongside Lipsyte, Colson Whitehead and Lorelei Lee this Tuesday night at the Highline Ballroom, as part of the Rumpus/Tin House/Flavorpill […]