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Matt Bell, who I’m familiar with as editor of The Collagist, and a fellow contributor to Monkeybicycle, is writing a story online for all of us to see this week, on Everyday Genius. He talks about the project here. Basically what’s happening is, we get to watch him write, as he writes. Then two guest […]

Robert Olen Butler’s story “Moving Day” is up on Fictionaut this week, and they’ve done an interview with him for their regular blog section “Line Breaks.” In it, it’s astounding to hear how much writing he did before he feels he produced anything he felt was worthy. He calls it his “million words of dreck.” […]

We’ll be opening for the legendary L.A. band 45 Grave, Monday, May 17 at Club Europa in Greenpoint. For those unfamiliar, these guys were one of the original groups on the L.A. punk scene in the late ’70s, and they shared their drummer with The Germs. Doors are at 7, I believe.

In recent years, haikus have been something like a training ground with language for me. This article by Lou Freshwater speaks to the art of haiku, and it seems to share a similar view I’ve always felt. Haikus are like yoga for a writer. They keep you stretched out and disciplined.