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This new quarterly reading series fuses quick, high-energy readings with a broad range of voices—both established and emerging—into a seamless hour of literary brilliance. Each event will feature 20 readers, each of whom will read no longer than three minutes before introducing the next reader. No interruption from the host means a continuous listening experience. […]

I’ve attended a couple of MFA open houses in the past couple of weeks, and I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. Here are some tips for those holding these open houses: -Smile and be warm to prospective students entering. You can even joke with them. -Hold your event in a nice room on campus, […]

This morning, it seemed like everywhere I looked on the subway, someone was reading Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom. One of these people even followed me into my building and rode the elevator with me. Over the summer, I would’ve said everyone I rode with was reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but there’s been a […]

We just played there in August, and we’ll be back, this time at Small Beast. That’s next Monday, 10/25, curated by Vera Beren, with whom we’ve played a couple times before. 168 Delancey St., between Clinton and Attorney, 8:30 pm. Early for those who gotta work in the morning.

Sometimes I think about economics and quality of life in America. I just read this today, and I’ve decided to move to Western Europe (not England) by the end of the month. They’ll probably even fund my writing career, since according to this, they accommodate the middle class and the poor.

I’ve been reading many articles on the MFA pros and cons for creative writers. This essay by Shivani is by far the most acerbic. I don’t know if he’s right. (I’ve never been in an MFA program.) But he’s certainly got an opinion that’s not wishy-washy. I’ve read several articles by him in various places, […]

This could be our last show with Darren, before he decamps for California. We’ll be hitting the stage with old friends Isaac and the Awkward Situations from Fairbanks, Alaska, this Saturday night around 10 pm. That’s at Goodbye Blue Monday in Bushwick, 1087 Broadway, between Lawton and Dodworth, near the Myrtle JMZ and Kosciusko J […]