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Fractal Lit


I was watching this episode of NOVA last night which talked about Mandelbrot’s discovery of fractal geometry and how it can be used to measure things in nature. Basically repetition of patterns that create jagged shapes is the key. Then today, out of nowhere, I found this piece, which is quite beautiful, by Alexandra Kleeman […]

Roxane Gay’s story, the second of her three posted today on Wigleaf, “When I Am Fifteen I Will Not Fall in Love.” Damn. All three of her stories are great, and her postcard, too, but this one just riveted me. The last line nailed it, especially. Read it.

I just read this interview over at Bookslut with Dennis Loy Johnson of Melville House, and I’m thrilled that they’re publishing a Heinrich Böll series. Böll’s books are out of print, though I’ve read them from the library and found a copy of Billiards at Half Past Nine on somebody’s stoop for free a few […]

I just read this on MFA admissions. If you don’t grab ’em with the first paragraph in your writing sample, you’re all done. I think he says 75-85 percent of applications are thrown out immediately after the first paragraph. It makes sense. It’s the same way with any fiction, really. If you’re not grabbed right […]