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This Thursday night, we’re hitting the stage at Sugarland in Williamsburg, at 11pm. It’ll be our first live show of the new year, and a warm-up to our CD Release later this month. Sugarland’s at 221 N. 9th St., between Driggs & Roebling. Advertisements

From The L Magazine‘s blog: Literary Upstart, our annual short-story competition and reading series, is now accepting submissions—it’s a snow day, what are you waiting for, here are the guidelines—and, as we gear up for the first reading, in March, we’re proud to announce the judges for this year’s competition. Our Distinguished and Frequently Sober Panel […]

I got a year-long membership to Film Movement for Christmas, and I just finished up with my first intallment—a movie from Belgium called Illégal. Moving, poignant, well-made, and not-yet-released in the U.S. The short film that came with it, Rita, from Italy, I believe, was haunting. I can’t wait to see what else the committee […]

Howl (the film)


I just watched this over the course of two nights. I don’t think James Franco is a bad actor. In fact, I’ve liked him since he was on Freaks and Geeks. But I don’t feel he was a good choice to play the role of Ginsberg. I found the film lacking emotional depth, assuming the […]

Coupla Haikus


I’ve got a couple of haikus up today on Red Dragonfly, in celebration of the site’s 400th post. Melissa Allen had 30 people contribute, and she’s got all the poetry in a well-put-together scribd document. Check it out.

Red Dragonfly is celebrating its 400th post on Wednesday with guest bloggers posting their haikus. To get involved, comment on the blog before the 12th. Check out the site for details.

“A word on critics: All writers will encounter critics, both professional and amateur, from the moment they begin writing. Remember that those men and women who are paid to share their opinion on the hard work of others fall into two classes of person. One, the man who critiques because he cannot write and, two, […]