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From Monkeybicycle: With stories and poems from 22 groundbreaking authors, Monkeybicycle8 is sure to please. Featuring cinema stars, cave-dwelling hermits, imaginary monsters, Internet hookups, and so much more, this issue packs a mighty wallop. Contributors: Summer Block, Matt Briggs, Aaron Burch, E. Michael Desilets, Ori Fienberg, Jesús Ángel García, Scott Geiger, Michael Hickins, Steve Himmer, Blake […]

The documentary on Burroughs’ life that everyone’s been talking about for a while now just aired on PBS. I wish it was a little longer. With interviews from several of his former partners and friends, it painted the man as a real human being. I think it’s no secret that Burroughs was not overly emotional […]

Dean Rader over at the San Francisco Chronicle‘s site,, is taking suggestions in the next two weeks for history’s top-10 poets. He’ll post his own list after the two weeks is up. Here’s the article. I don’t know if I could name 10. I’m fickle—I like a lot of individual poems, but most poets’ […]

…but this interview on The Paris Review’s blog makes me want to read Caribou Island. I loved the last question and his response (I find it fascinating that there’s a physical place where his dream life resides. I think all of us have this, whether we realize or not.): Is there a physical place that’s […]

This one’s to celebrate the release of The Ancient Future, our first recording available for public consumption. Show starts at 11. Sugarland’s at 221 N. 9th St., between Driggs and Roebling in Williamsburg. C’mon out!

Read it here, today at The Outlet. I’m waiting on an acceptance to Rabbit Punch, so I’m envious.