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We’ve renamed ourselves Chronocaravan, and we’re opening for Michale Graves (former Misfits singer) at Club Europa in Greenpoint on April Fool’s Day. That’s 98 Meserole Ave., between Manhattan and Lorimer. I believe the cover is $10 and we’re on at 10pm. Also, we’re playing a second show later that night at an undisclosed location. If […]

The Monkeybicycle Lightning Round! Reading Series This new quarterly reading series fuses quick, high energy readings with a broad range of voices–both established and emerging–into a seamless hour of literary brilliance. Each event will feature 20 readers, each of whom will read no longer than three minutes before introducing the next reader. No interruption from the […]

At The Faster Times Lincoln Michel talks about why devaluing novels published as eBooks makes it tougher for writers to produce quality work, which means everyone loses—the artist and the consumer. It’s pretty simple: If you can’t make money at writing, then you have to make money doing other things, which takes time away from […]

The new Poets/Artists (April 2011) is available in print and digital download, and I’m among the poets included. They plucked my poem “6 Thoughts on Love” off of Fictionaut. Preview and purchase the issue here.

I’ve got an in-depth review of Shya Scanlon’s poetry collection In This Alone Impulse posted over at Gently Read Literature today. Check it out.