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Blue Valentine


After a few months of anticipation, I finally got to see this film last night. See it. It’s amazing. It seems like most of the scenes were basically improvised and the whole thing comes off as feeling pretty real all of the time. It documents the beginning and the end of a relationship. The subplot […]

I posted a recording of my poem, “6 Thoughts on Love,” from the April 2011 Poets/Artists magazine to SoundCloud. It’s part of the MIPOesias radio channel there. Check it out, and check out the other poets on the channel.



I’m pretty excited that Rumpus founder Stephen Elliott’s written and directing a film called ‘Cherry,’ set to begin production in a month. I read the news yesterday, and it made me want to add it to my Netflix queue. But I can’t. It’s not made yet. Looks like he’s got some good names attached. I’ve […]

Very cool review of Shya Scanlon’s Forecast today at the official site of author Chuck Palahniuk. Check it out. It’s not by Chuck, but I think the reviewer, Richard Thomas, followed the Forecast 42 Project very closely.

Check it out. I’ve got a review of Daniel Tobin’s latest poetry collection, Belated Heavens, up at Gently Read Literature today.