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Here’s a couple of minutes from the Dead Sextons show at Hell’s Kitchen Lounge in Newark on July 30. Enjoy! Advertisements

Today in Salon two guys whose music I’ve listened to and followed over the years have a discussion. I wasn’t quite sure they had ever crossed paths. Read it here.

Sententia #3, “The Pitch Issue,” curated by Shya Scanlon, is here. Pre-order it here from Artistically Declined Press. From ADP: “The ‘Pitch’ issue, curated by Shya Scanlon includes novel excerpts from Nick Bredie, Hosho McCreesh, Kevin Spaide, Nora Jean Lang, Samuel Snoek-Brown, Michael Hickins, Abeer Hoque, and Fred Skolnik.”

I just listened to KCRW’s free stream of the new Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks album, Mirror Traffic. It’s produced by Beck, and I have to say, I love it. It’s got some sounds I haven’t heard on any of the previous Jicks albums. Some fine acoustic guitar work, along with the slide, and some […]

Paul Constant goes in-depth about his own personal history with Borders and reasons for its closing in The Stranger. It makes it pretty clear that physical bookstores as we know them probably won’t be around much longer. I don’t know if this is sad or not. It’s just changes. Turn and face the strange. I […]

These are just some demos, but they’re up at Last.FM if you’d like to take a listen or purchase. Right here.

Flatmancrooked’s closing earlier this year has resulted in the launch of a new publishing company from Deena Drewis, Nouvella Books. You can check out their well-designed new site here. It looks like they’ve retained some of the Flatmancrooked novella authors and are adding to them already. They publish fiction in the 10,000-35,000 word range. I […]