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In this essay, Melvin Jules Bukiet calls out books by Brooklyn authors and authors who share the “Brooklyn” ethos that nothing too bad every really happens, kitsch is cool, and nostalgia is useful for dredging up a sentimental, candy-coating of events that lulls readers into a sleepytime twee comfort. I think I agree with him […]

Here’s a great article, an excerpt from Sterling Lord’s new book, Lord of Publishing. Lord was agent to both Jack Kerouac and Ken Kesey, and this recounts the two authors’ only meeting. And here’s another about Charles Bukowski. It’s a Q&A with David Calonne who edited Bukowski’s columns “Notes of a Dirty Old Man” and […]

I’m focusing on George Harrison, here. So they give George two songs in the top 10 (“Something” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”), but only one other (“Here Comes the Sun”) in the top 50. Here’s the list. “Taxman” made 55, and “If I Needed Someone” made 51. I didn’t see “It’s All Too Much” […]

From Akashic Books: The Brooklyn Book Festival returns for its sixth year on Sun., Sept. 18 with one of its strongest roster of authors, including: Larry McMurtry, Terry McMillan, Jennifer Egan, Eoin Colfer, John Sayles,  Joyce Carol Oates, Craig Thompson, Walter Mosley, Elizabeth Nunez, Adrian Tomine, Amitav Ghosh, Randall Robinson, Jean Valentine, Jules Feiffer, Adam […]

Sax Clips


I’ve recently been caught on film playing sax in public. Here’s a clip from the 5 o’clock news on ABC, this past Sunday out of Denver. Here’s another from SoHo Journal. Thanks to James Dougherty and Don MacPherson.



Sofia Coppola’s fourth feature is probably my favorite, though I’ve liked them all. Virgin Suicides is probably next on the list. But anyhow, I watched Somewhere last night, and some have said it’s like an Antonioni or Bertolucci film, with long, moody shots, and only an implied plot, and this is true. Coppola says herself […]

I still don’t quite get it. I went to their reading and launch this week with Kio Stark headlining. And I realize it’s a new way of publishing launched by Richard Nash, former publisher of Soft Skull Press. I signed onto their site, and it looks like you can upload your manuscript and have people […]