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My bandmate, Julian Rozzell, is appearing in the Alec Duffy-directed play of the John Cassevetes film Shadows, until November 12. It’s at the Collapsable Hole Theater in Brooklyn, every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights ’til that date. Details below and tickets here. Hoi Polloi: John Cassavetes’ “Shadows” The Collapsable Hole Brooklyn, NY The OBIE-winning […]

Last night I watched Mike Nichols’ film adaptation of Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22. I was surprised by how well the spirit of the book and most of its great dialogue were preserved, and how beautiful the movie looked, and how seemingly unstructured (like the book) it was, and how good Alan Arkin is as Yossarian. […]

I saw Drive this past weekend. This review says it all.

If you happen to be in New York in the next few weeks, head over to 26th St. at 10th Ave., and head inside the Harris Lieberman Gallery to see Karl Haendel’s video installation, “Questions for My Father.” I don’t normally plug video installations on this blog (though I should), but my friend Brian Diedrick […]

…Marshall Ganz talks about anger coupled with hope as opposed to anger coupled with fear. It’s toward the end of this.

I was reminded of this story after finding it in a book my daughter took down from the library shelf at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. I first read it as a 7th-grader and we were quizzed on uses of irony in it. Montresor buries his former friend Fortunato alive for some unmentioned insults. It’s absolutely […]

We’ve got a show booked for 10/31, rockin’ The Trash Bar in Williamsburg at 8pm, as an opener for Murphy’s Law. That’s at 256 Grand St. between Driggs & Roebling. ***UPDATE: Later that same night, we’ll be playing a second show at Vera Beren’s Small Beast at The Delancey. Probably around midnight. 168 Delancey St., […]