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READING SERIES @ Bookcourt 11/29 7pm Join us as we enter our 10th year (1500+ Sackett writers since 2002) and launch our bi-monthly reading series at BOOKCOURT. Featured readers are Sackett instructors Benjamin Hale (THE EVOLUTION OF BRUNO LITTLEMORE), Alison Espach (THE ADULTS), Karen Thompson Walker (THE AGE OF MIRACLES), Heather Aimee O’Neill (MEMORY FUTURE) […]

Here’s their top 100 greatest guitarists of all time. No surprise Jimi Hendrix is number 1. What is more surprising is how far down on the list Robert Johnson (71) and Carl Perkins (88) are. Only two women made it, Joni Mitchell (75) and Bonnie Raitt (89). Joan Jett comes to mind, and so does […]

I’ve just spent two nights watching Season 2 of Bored to Death, and I think Ted Danson as George Christopher may be my favorite TV character of all time. It’s mainly his zest for life and his ability to seize the moment to fulfill whatever whim he has that grabs me. It’s the way he […]

I never knew Edinburgh was so literary. It’s number 1 on National Geographic’s list.

That line made me laugh out loud. It’s in this article by Lee Rourke at The Guardian about writing longhand. My process is the same as his. All first drafts are written in notebooks, then typed up and revised during that typing. I had a discussion about this, myself, with a friend, and he told […]

Daniel Casey’s magazine Gently Read Literature publishes thoughtful reviews of contemporary poetry and fiction—there’s no fluff, no flippancy or glibness. He’s got a lot of great people writing for him, and he’d like to pay them, so he’s running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds. You can donate here. There are just two weeks left […]