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From their FB page: It’s our 10th birthday! And we’ll celebrate Monday, April 2nd 7pm at @BookCourt at the next Sackett Writers’ Reading. Readers include instructors Adam Wilson, Abby Sher, Jenny Zhang & Joseph Bernardo (one of the very first Sackett writers in THE very first Sackett class). Join us for cupcakes, wine, tote bags, […]

Douglas Coupland goes over the concepts of “Translit” and the “Post-Era Era” in his review of Hari Kunzru’s Gods Without Men. My mind is blown again.

We’re taking the stage on Thursday, March 15, at Sugarland in Williamsburg. That’s on North 9th St. between Driggs and Roebling. Many thanks to Mike Park who loves to book us there. It’s our third time playing this spot, and it’s a cool space with the Rock E. Horror vibe that’s been missing from the […]

I just came across this term in an e-mail about someone having published a “Kindle Single” memoir. The Atlantic posted a short article about the Kindle Single yesterday, which explains everything. Basically it’s a news piece too long for a magazine article, but too short to be a book, around the 20,000-word range, and published […]