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This Wednesday, 5/2, we’re at Lit in the East Village around 11pm playing an “experimental” set. Thanks again to Mike Park for booking us. 93 2nd Ave. between 5th and 6th Sts. Advertisements

Neil Young in Salzburg

Today you can get Three Thirds as an eBook from Amazon for the Kindle. In the coming days, it should also be up as an eBook for the Nook on Barnes & Noble and other e-reader formats. I wrote it when I was a kid, but it still holds a warm place in my heart.

Our man Mike Park’s booked us last-minute to headline Small Beast on Monday night at The Delancey. The show starts around 8:30 with four bands. We should be last around 11, I’m guessing. That’s 168 Delancey St. between Clinton and Attorney on the Lower East Side.

I was discussing loneliness last night with a friend, and how everyone seems to be lonely these days, especially those of us with young kids. Now here’s this article from Stephen Marche at The Atlantic. It doesn’t say that Facebook’s necessarily making us lonelier, but it seems to be a factor in a generally lonely […]

Nice essay today over at The Millions by Kevin Hartnett about writing things longhand, and the smoother thought-process it creates.

I responded to The Rumpus Readers Respond on the topic “Friends with Benefits,” and it’s up there today, here, with a bunch of other cool responses. I love this sort of thing. Thanks to Susan Clements for taking my piece.