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I finished part 2 of George Harrison: Living in the Material World last night. What can you say about it? The documentary was all over the place after The Beatles phase of George’s life, because George had so many different interests. There was racing with Jackie Stewart, movie producing with the guys from Python, The […]

Tokyo Story


I watched Tokyo Story last night. This film is devastating. It speaks to how busy (and blind) we are in our modern lives…all the way back in 1953. The grown children of the old couple are all too consumed with their own lives to deal with their parents’ visit. Then when their mother is dying […]

My old buddy Tim Howard’s band Soltero is releasing their new album 1943 this week. And there’s a party: “CD release show! Friday May 25 at the Rock Shop in Brooklyn.  Rice Cultivation Society at 8, Sanctuaries at 9, Phantom Buffalo at 10, and we’re on all 11. (Very psyched for such a good bill, btw!)  $8 […]

Good post today on The Review Review from writers who have kids. Several say time to write has become scarcer since having kids, forcing more disciplined writing periods. I’d say that’s pretty true, in my own experience. Finding time to write on the subway and in the very early morning have been my mainstays.

May’s whizzing by, so before I forget, here’s the info on the next Sackett Street reading, two weeks from today. From their FB page: We are so excited about the lineup for the next Sackett Writers’ Reading. Join us on Monday, May 21st (6:30pm) at BookCourt for words and wine. Hosted by founder and director Julia […]