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The Rumpus highlighted this article in The New Statesman about the value of idleness. Four hours, if used intensely, is the best way to work. According to the article, the rest of the day can be used for naps, drinking wine, watching boring TV, etc. For writers, this seems ideal. And in my experience, it’s […]



Barney Rosset passed away in February, and this is the definitive biographical documentary on him and Grove Press. I watched it last night, and I learned a lot. I had no idea he was the first to publish Malcolm X and Che Guevara. Or that he had such a propensity for erotica. Or that he […]

Since 2001, Boston/Philly/NYC’s Tim Howard has been churning out albums under the moniker Soltero. The band has covered the gamut, from big rock records, to intimate, precision-picked folk, to ’60s-styled sunshine pop. The constant throughout is always Howard’s ability to turn a phrase with lyrics that can equally cut to the bone and make you […]