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I just read a bit of advice about “writing what you know” from John Wray over at The Center for Fiction, and it rang true. Here’s an excerpt: It’s fine to ground one’s fiction in known, lived experience—it’s a kind of shortcut to authority, an absolute necessity for all effective writing—but it’s just as important […]

The news about the demise of The Boston Phoenix has hit me hard this week. I hadn’t read it much since leaving Boston, but the fact that it’s no longer there, along with WFNX’s shutdown, makes me feel empty inside. I’ve always had a soft spot for alternative papers and alternative media, starting with The […]

Brought to you from the folks at Electric Literature.

He’s the first rock musician and an honorary inductee as of Wednesday. Jacket Copy had the scoop.

Read his article here in The New Republic.

It just came together yesterday and it’s here. We’ve got some songs up there, and a sweet photo.