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I just discovered yesterday. Very cool interviews with bands at the laundromat. Somewhere in L.A., I think. Here’s part 1 of Lou Barlow. Advertisements

Poetry presses in the U.S. and U.K. are early adopters of new formats, new technologies and DIY strategies, according to the Guardian. I agree. But I feel like this might be a story from 5 years ago. Maybe longer. 

Pale Blue Eyes


Hilarious (‘cuz it’s the truth) Ask Polly column at The Awl. Excerpt below: What’s interesting is how often writers wander about, whining softly about how they need help and they need guidance and they need someone to give them a chance or hold their hand or read their pitches or stop ignoring them or tell them […]

I stole this from The Rumpus. It was up on the site Medium, which also has a couple of Bukowski references in recent days. Here’s an excerpt: The professor contacted 275 creative people. A third of them said “no.” Their reason was lack of time. A third said nothing. We can assume their reason for not […]

I’ve got a short piece published today in the latest Rumpus Readers Report on the theme “Misery Loves Company.” Check it out here, among the others. Thanks to Susan Clements for taking my piece.

This headline passed through my inbox this morning from Poets & Writers. It’s referring to this great essay from Joseph O. Legaspi about what a poet is, or better said, how he makes his life as a poet and how that is his identity.