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Read Rick Moody’s latest “Swinging Modern Sounds” column at The Rumpus. He talks to Dean Wareham about his new solo album, California, writing about music, and what the future holds, among other things.

We’ll be playing on board the historic steamship LILAC at Pier 25 off North Moore St. in Tribeca on Thursday at 8, as part of the “Industrial Waters” art exhibition’s closing party, which runs 6–10. Caterwaul of Sound will be joining us and go on at 9. Dress warmly. And read more about the exhibition […]

We’re playing a late-night show at the Breadbox (291 Kent) in Williamsburg. We should be on at 12:30, technically 11/2, but the night begins on the first. Here’s the flyer:

Really? “Hey” is number one? I think readers got it right, that most of the best stuff is on Surfer Rosa and Doolittle. But I wouldn’t put “Hey” even in the top 15. I’d replace it with “River Euphrates” and probably make “Gigantic” my number one and  “Wave of Mutilation” number two. But that’s just […]