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The Review Review just highlighted a new series from VQR, “Writer Dad.” Here’s the second installment with Ro Cuzon. And the first with Tobias Buckell. I read both of these, and I could relate completely. I’m a writer dad, myself. Both these guys seem to say the same thing: You’ll find time. And kids add […]

I love these Rumpus author interviews. They keep me going as a writer. Here’s an excerpt from one with Kevin Barry, whose work I know nothing about, but hopefully will very soon: Rumpus: Can fiction writers avoid revealing themselves in their work? Barry: Not at all. In fiction, I think, your soul is pinned onto the page […]

Read this, and don’t ever change your story if you think it’s good. Dixon’s interview with Tao Lin is equally good, here. He talks about socializing with other writers and not really having interest in dissecting what he does. He just does it.