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Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop Mon Dec 8, 7:00PM Host(s): Julia Fierro Appearing: Will Boast Emily St. John Mandel Leah Umansky Dina Nayeri Diane Cook On the Docket: Reading Book Signing Author Bio(s): Emily St. John Mandel was born in British Columbia, Canada. She is the author of three previous novels—Last Night in Montreal, The Singer’s […]

Cleaning Out


After spending several days transferring old CDs into a binder, I wonder, why did we ever have these cumbersome plastic cases? Why was it a good idea to move from vinyl and paper, to breakable magnetic tape and plastic, to plastic and more plastic? The sound tinny, the look, less appealing. The cost of recycling […]

Pitchfork: As someone who’s maintained a creative lifestyle for about 30 years now, what advice would you give to someone who’s considering that path now? JC: One of the problems of our modern world is that there’s a lot of things to work through, but, at some point, everybody should take a pause from that […]

I’m a pretty big Neil Young fan, and I’ve only heard maybe a third of these. This was a great piece on to ring in the man’s 69th birthday. I’ll be spending the afternoon catching up. Great to see the songs “Slip Away” and “I’m the Ocean” on there—probably two of my favorite songs ever. […]