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2015 Vella Chapbook Contest $11.00 USD Ends on 5/15/2015 2015 Vella Chapbook Prize: – Manuscripts may be between 16 – 24 pages – Please include a title page with ONLY the title, a table of contents, and an acknowledgements page (not included in page count). – Please do NOT include any identifying information in the […]

How do you keep the reader interested as the story unfolds? That’s the six-million-dollar question. I think it’s a question of pacing and tension. You have to keep the story moving, quickly enough that nobody gets frustrated and slowly enough that you have time to build the world, to make the story full-fleshed and evocative. […]

“Afro Blue”


My God. I first listened to this when I was 14 and it holds up and will hold up. It’s just an explosion of emotion.