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We’ll be taking the stage around 9pm on Monday the 30th at The Grand Victory in another Scenic NYC show. Big Band, Les Bicyclettes Blanches and Telecommunists are also on the bill. C’mon out! Advertisements

Wow, this is extensive and very useful. Thanks to Lincoln Michel for taking the time to break it down and peel away some of the layers of mystery surrounding how journals work.

From BookCourt: This month The Sacket Street Writers Workshop presents a special a special student showcase celebrating the work of six participants in our advanced fiction workshops. The readers will be introduced by the Sackett Street instructors who nominated them. Fri Nov 6, 7:00PM Host(s):  Julia Fierro Appearing:  Elizabeth Brus Clarke Levidiotis Bejamin Olnis Su […]

We’ll be on at 10:30 this Wednesday night at The Grand Victory! C’mon out to Williamsburg, and tell your friends.